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Weekly Journal #3

Well it’s the last day of J term and I have to say that this experience has definitley been beneficial for me. Especially in this last week of the class I have really been enlightened with the help of the guest speakers we had.

Derek Mabie came to talk with us about search engines and SEO. This was a subject matter that I was not familiar with and I learned alot from Derek. The main thing I took away from Derek’s discussion is that in today’s world where people look online for almost ecverything including who to do business with, people usually don’t go past the first page on google search. So becoming concerned with SEO and implementing the different tactics to get on that first page of the search results is crucial to be successful. Derek also showed us a tool that can help us see what keywords people are searching for the most for any type of business. This would definitley be helpful when determining what to name blog posts or whatever material we are putting out online. I am always impressed by people who can be disciplined and inspired enough to start their own business let alone be successful in it and that is what Derek is doing.

Another point that he made was one that I think most guest speakers have made and that is doing something that you love. Nobody wants to be miserable where they are working so it is up to us to make our passion a reality.

We had 3 guest speakers on wednesday and I valued everything they had to say. First we talked with the 2 women from City In a Jar and it was really cool to see these two collaborate on 1 blog and use their varying interests to make their blog that much more interesting. I was also impressed with the fact that they aren’t making any money off of this, yet. It obviously has taken these 2 women alot of time, energy and hard work to create what they have before them today and they appeared to be very happy with what they were doing and their potential to grow, also impressive. I think Maddie and Jessica have a bright future.

Next we listened to Michael Zandstra about how to make your blog on actually your own blog on I’m probably not going to continue blogging after this class unless I have to for another class but all of the information Michael gave us was very informative and presented in a way that made it understandable to me, a novice blogger.

This J term class as a whole has been very beneficial and the main thing that I have taken away is that all of the social media is useful and if used in that right way can be a great tool for networking. Networking is key for being successful in today’s business world, especially communication. I enjoyed this class thoroughly and will use what I have learned to further myself in the corporate world.


One thing that I have stressed about my love for fishing is the fact that it is the ultimate form of relaxation for me and I think that it can be a relaxation technique for all of you too.

Everyone has their own specific ways of relaxing that they know works for them but I believe that there is no better way to relax than to be completely taken out of the current environment and be placed in a natural setting and fishing accomplishes this.

One of my most favorite times is walking up to my fishing hole early in the morning. The air has a certain crispness to it, the sun is rising over the lake  and the water is undisturbed. Ive been there 5 minutes and I’m feeling the relaxation vibe coming on.

Our bodies senses can help me disect why fishing is so relaxing and so does this article on Remembering How to Relax.



Fishing with my buddies is definitley relaxing but ultimate relaxation occurs when I am sitting in a lawn chair quietly with my line in the water and can just listen to allof the sounds that nature is providing you. We can hear

  • Birds
  • Frogs
  • Crickets
  • Grasshoppers
  • Water rippling from a surfacing fish or turtle
  • Wind blowing through the trees
  • Sound of a pole casting into the lake

It’s like being placed inside a soothing sounds of nature CD.



There are many things to touch and feel while fishing and all of them can provide a unique sensation.

  • Feeling a breeze against my face
  • The sun’s warmth as the day goes on
  • Holding a fish
  • Washing my hands in the lake
  • Lures
  • Bait
  • Cork on the rod
  • Even fishing in a light drizzle is relaxing, and cooling in the summertime
  • The tug on the pole from a bite

All of these little feelings I do not experience day to day so when I do feel them I know I can just let it all go and relax without a problem.



There are tons of things to look at while fishing and many of them are easy on the eyes and very picturesque.

  • The body of water itself, especially at sunrise or sunset (I prefer sunset)
  • The sky, clouds, sun
  • All of the wildlife
  • The nibble of a fish on the line
  • Seeing the fish glide through the water as I reel it in
  • The beautiful fish itself after being caught
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Fish jumping out of the water (exhilarating)

Another article about Why Fishing Is Good for You  gives insight on how a novice fisherman can find tremendous relaxation from fishing.


With all of the stress that everyone is under today regardless of who you are I think it’s not only very important to find time to relax but to relax in a natural setting,. Fishing can provide a setting like this but there are also tons of other opportunities. We have many parks around and that might be all of the nature that somebody cares for which is perfectly fine. It is my belief that fresh air and some sort of outdoor setting can provide a great opportunity for relaxation. 

Fishing is my way of accomplishing this and could be for you too!

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Top 5 Lakes to Fish in Missouri

There are many wonderful places to fish in Missouri, I could spend days going through each river, stream, lake or pond in the whole state to find the absolute best places to catch any type of fish.

But for this post I am going to narrow the playing field down. I will be discussing the best lakes in Missouri to go to fish.

So lets jump right in,


#5 – Blue Springs Lake

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Blue Springs Lake is a 720 acre lake located in Jackson County about 4 hours away from St. Louis and just outside of Kansas City. At this beautiful lake there are all sorts of fish just waiting to be caught inlcuding.

Blue Springs Lake also offers areas to camp and plenty of room for recreational boating. The only downfall of this Lake is when it gets busy IT GETS BUSY so late spring, summer and early fall are going to be the times that the lake will be most packed but there should still be sufficient space to enjoy a day of fishing.


#4  Truman Lake

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Truman Lake is located inside of Harry S. Truman State Park in Warsaw. This is a 55,600 acre lake that allows for fisherman to relax and be spread out and away from other anglers or recreational boaters. Truman is fairly close to Blue Springs Lake but offers a different variety of fish waiting to be reeled in,

With the picturesque landscape and wide open space, Truman Lake is a great place for anglers to go to relax and enjoy a day on the water.


#3 – Mark Twain Lake

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Located inside  of Mark Twain State Park, the 18,000 acre Lake offers a host of different fish waiting to be caught including,

What a wonderful variety of fantastic fish to catch! Mark Twain Lake also offers many quiet coves that keeps anglers spread out to avoid cluster. Mark Twain may be a bit of a drive from St. Louis but the fishing is definitely worth it.


#2- Table Rock Lake

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Table Rock Lake is located in soutwestern Missouri and is a popular vacation destination for families as well as a premium fishing hole for anglers. Table Rock is a very accessible lake that has probably the greatest variety of fish of any lake in Missouri including,

Table Rock Lake is an excellent fishing getaway destination that will not disapoint especially if the weather is exceptional. This is a must visit for any Missouri angler.

#1 – Lake of the Ozarks

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I feel like everyone had to of seen this coming, Lake of the Ozarks is deifnitely the most popular lake in Missouri for vacation but the 90 mile long lake also provides the best lake fishing experience is Missouri. There is agreat variety of fish just waiting to be caught and plenty of space to catch them in.

Anglers mainly come to the Lake of the Ozarks for bass fishing but as shown from the list above there are plenty of other fish to be caught. The Ozarks made #1 on the list mainly because of the excellent fishing but it also provides a relaxing and stress free environment with restaraunt and other establishments to go to besides that are right on the water.

The combination of excellent fishing and variety of other activites have launched the Lake of the Ozarks as the #1 fishing destination for lakes in Missouri.

Statistics have shown that many people would like to fish but most don’t know how or where to get started.

This is where I can help.

Setting yourself up as a fisherman is very easy and will provide an opportunity to create lasting memories with friends, family or even complete strangers.

The first place we need to get started at is acquiring the necessary equipment. Many people think that you need a massive tackle box full of lures and hooks along with many rods and other accessories. This is simply not the case and a small shopping list of items will supply a solid starting point to begin a fishing career.

These items include,

A few household items that are also beneficial on a fishing outing are fingernail clippers, needle nose pliers and a cooler.

Lets take a look at a suitable rod and reel now that we have acquired our equipment. There are many high end, very expensive rod and reels out there but that will not be necessary to start with. You can obtain a good 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 foot spin fishing rod and reel for 30 to 50 dollars. People used to use sticks and string to catch fish so a brand new 300 dollar rod and reel is unecessary.

We’re getting much closer now to getting the line in the water.

The next crucial step is getting the line wrapped around the spool.

 This step is fairly easy and straightforward, first you will take the line and wrap it around the spool a couple of times. Next, tie the line to the reel spool and now all that there is left to do is reel the line in. Be patient with this to make sure you dont have any twists or knots that develop as the line is accumulating.  The video demonstartes this fairly well.

Now that we have all our equipment and our rod set up perfectly, it’s time to hit the great outdoors and start catching some fish!

Casting looks very easy to accomplish and it can be with a little bit of fundamentals and practice. There are many different ways to cast but for starters I will discuss just a basic over the head cast. The easiest way to picture this is thinking of yourself as a clock and your rod as the minute hand.

First, start the rod out in the 10 o’clock position in front of your body.

Next, swing your arm backwards until you feel you have hit the 2 or 3 o’clock position.

Finally, swing your arm forward releasing the line when the pole has reached the 11 o’clock position on the forward swing.

this video demonstrates this well.

Now that we have learned to cast we can bait our hooks, set up our sinkers and bobbers and start catching some beautiful fish like bluegill, crappie, large and smallmouth bass and all kinds of trout.

Relax, be patient and enjoy the time you’re out fishing.

For the Love of Fishing

Here’s my link to my Prezi about my passion for fishing.

Billy Big Mouth Bass

When I was a kid I loved having my Billy Big Mouth Bass mounted on the wall of my room. I couldn’t tell you how many times I listened to Billy sing Take Me to the River, I still wish I had one today.

Billy Big Mouth Bass isn’t the point of this post however.

Ever since I can remember I have been fishing with my dad, cousins, or friends and it has been something that has brought me happiness and many good memories. One of the best things about fishing that makes it fun and appealing is that everyone can do it and succeed.

Fishing isn’t a hobby where it is necessary to sink alot of cash into. Money can best be spent on a good rod and reel that with care can last a very long time. A solid rod and reel will only be a $125 investment that definitely pays itself off. Bait, line and lures are all cheap so that doesn’t take unecessary funds away.

Enough about equipment, there are so many places around Missouri and wherever you live to go fishing. Less than 30 minutes away from this campus we have Busch wildlife area that has over 20 lakes with fish that are restocked every so often. That is just one example of many of a nearby fishing hole.

Out of all the fishing holes it is always nice to have that one place that you know like the back of your hand and you know you will not be disturbed by anyone else. The feeling of waking up at 6am with a perfect chill in the air and walking through a quarter mile of completely undisturbed woods that eventually opens up to a lake or river that is tremendously peaceful is a feeling that is truly unique. So even before the fishing even takes place I’ve already enjoyed myself. Time slows down and there’s nothing to worry about.

Then there’s the actual act of doing the fishing. I’m sure most people have been fishing and have hopefully caught something. Even just as a beginner fishing is very simple, for alot of fish you just need to throw the bait out on a hook with a bobber and weight attatched to the line and let it sit until a fish snatches it. I envy the feeling people have when I see them catch their first fish, especially children. I remember alot of fishing when I was a kid but Im sure there are times that I have forgotten about that I would like to revisit. It is also another unique feeling having a fish on the line that fights you and you don’t know how large it is until you either reel it in all the way or it jumps out of the water to show you itself. Success is fun and fishing can definitely be a outlet for success.

I could talk about all of the fancy lures and reels and expensive trips but that is not even close to the true passion of fishing. It’s the things like being awake by the lake at 6 am or having a little comradery with your friends or family for a day, thats the real joy and passion of fishing.



Hard working student using versatility to adapt and achieve goals that are important for future success within the communications field.


A career that facilitates growth and development leading to success and accomplishment.

Wordle: Untitled

Wordle: Untitled

 When I typed the name Jacob Redel into the Google search engine the results are nothing very exciting , I found myself in the white pages and a couple other Jacob Redels who are living in Missouri and other areas of the country. One of my fellow name sharers is actually a doctor in Ohio so that definitely brings credibility to the Jacob Redel name. The results that I found were not surprising and I guess if I had to change something about what I found it would be to actually find myself but people thinking Im a doctor sounds cool.

My dream career would involve working for the Missouri Department of Conservation planning events and classes that get kids involved in outdoor activities like fishing, I love kids and the outdoors so combining both of them in that way sounds like the perfect job to me. I definitely look up to my father first and foremost because he got me involved in activities like boating, hunting and fishing that have eventually become major interests of mine. He never forced me to try anything either it was always a choice if I wanted to take hunter’s education or to sit in a 8 hour class with him to get our boating licenses and I think that is what I am inspired by most, the ability to make my own decision and let others make their own too.

I have used blogs for other classes before so this is not anything that is terribly new to me but I am a new addittion to Twitter as of today. I don’t believe I will have very much trouble getting into the groove of Twitter and what goes on. As a whole I am pretty neutral on Twitter, I think it’s cool everyone has a voice and can post about certain things for everyone to see but at the same time I feel as if most “Tweets” get lost in all of the clutter of everyone else Tweeting. This may not be the case though and I guess I will just have to find out through experience. 

When it comes to sharing information with others I am definitely confident if it is concerning subject matter that I am familiar with. I will give someone all of the information that I know and hopefully that helps. If I am not familiar with a certain subject I will tell the person from the beginnning that I do not know much about the topic being discussed. I will give my opinion on the subject matter for the person to take into consideration and offer them resources on how to find the information  needed. I guess my expertise right now is in sports because I watch so much but that is only helpful to me in non working situations. I am pretty knowledgeable about special needs children from working at a summer camp the past 5 summers with kids with needs such as down syndrome and autism. I cant say I get asked for advice more often than a regular person gets asked and that’s alright with me.

I’ve lived in St. Louis all of my and hopefully I never have to leave for good. I love this city especially the South City are where I was raised, I guess im partial to that  area of town cause thats where I grew up but there’s a great combination of being so close to downtown St. Louis and still feeling like you have space around you to breathe and be comfortable like a suburb. And how can you beat living minutes away from the Hill.